Norton Street Festa — Cooking Spotlight

Nonna Franca with her granddaughter Alegra Locantro will celebrate Grandparents Day by preparing a special cake from their beloved region of Abruzzo. The special celebratory cake is called Cicerchiata which is sometimes known as Struffoli in nearby Campania and consists of special fried pastry balls, drizzled with honey. Nonna Franca together with her beautiful grandaughter will make this delicious cake on the cooking stage and will then pass out some tasty samples for the festa goers to taste. Alegra is the daughter of the famed Pino Locantro and she loves to get into the kitchen and cook up tasty things with her dad as well as her Nonna.

Festa will be a celebration of family through the generations and passing on of traditions of these special dishes.

The Leichhardt MarketPlace Cooking Stage

1Francesco Spataro – Aperitivo, Pizza Masterclass11.00am
2Nonna Franca & Alegra Locantro Celebrating Grandparents Day Abruzzese style11.30am
3SBS Italian - Marco Lucchi & Davide Schiappapietra, Time to celebrate Italy and enjoy la dolce vita12.00am
4Vincenzo's Plate - Celebrity Online Sensation, Italian Food Ambassador and Online cook extraordinaire12.30pm
5Mitch & Mark from the BLOCK, Porking around and how to cook the perfect pork chop1.00pm
6The Italianos Luciano & Martino (MKR 2016), Questi Ragazzi will entertain and delight your senses with Gnocchi and Ricotta Balls1.15 pm
7Enzo Guarino – Casa E Cucina & Vincenzo Riemma – Napoli Centro — Traditional Napolitano & Pizza Fritte 2.00pm
8Celebrity Chef Luca Ciano, 'Parmigiano Reggiano Masterclass’, the King of Cheeses in 3 ways with Prosciutto di Parma, perfectly matched with Birra Moretti2.30pm
9Carmel Ruggeri & Annalia Gatto, A journey of Sicilian delights3.00pm